Monday, 29 May 2017

Garmin Autopilot

Garmin is a name that is widely associated with GPS systems, and they have a line of marine electronics that carry their tradition of navigation assistance to the marine market, with a range of hand held GPS devices. The starting price is $129.99 and go up to $599.99. Garmin also makes a number of chart plotters with bright four inch QVGA color displays with high speed design for faster map drawing and panning. The chart plotters cost from $499.99 to $999.99.

In addition to GPS navigation systems and chart plotters, Garmin also makes VHF marine radios with intuitive features that make them an easy addition to your safety at sea. The Garmin VHF 100 has up to 25 watts of power so that you can make contact regardless of where you are on the water. Class D Digital Selective Calling (DSC) capability, is a feature of the VHF 100 that can transmit distress calls with a click of a button. Boats that have a compatible GPS plotter can use the VHF 100 as a mayday signaling devise which will broadcast the boats location. This radio also has NOAA weather alerts and position tracking that lets you track your friends who are out on their boats in your area.

Also made by Garmin are the VHF 300 AIS, VHF 300 and VHF 200. The 300 AIS is designed for 35 foot or larger boats and monitors all AIS (automatic identification system) channels simultaneously, ensuring you never miss a transmission. Also available is the AIS 600 transceiver. It is a devise that gives you the ability to transmit and receive vessel information to and from other AIS receivers in your area.

The GPH 10, an easy to use autopilot system, is the first in a line of auto guided navigation by Garmin. This system has patented Shadow Drive technology that allows the boaters to maintain control when relying on the autopilot system. There is an automatic Normal 0 disengagement if the helm is turned so that the operator can manoeuvre the craft. It automatically re-engages if the helmsman holds a steady course. As many as three controllers for this autopilot system may be had for control in multiple locations on the boat.

The TR1 Gold Marine Autopilot is sold only in North America and puts autopilot on small gasoline outboard boats with motors up to 20 hp. It's the first true autopilot designed for smaller boats that are used for trolling or fishing. With the optional wireless remote you have control over steering and throttle from anywhere on the boat and it can be set to hold its position against current, wind and waves.

Other marine electronics made by autopilot are sounders, fish finders, radar and marine networking equipment. Garmin has been making navigation and communication equipment since 1989, and is based on vertical integration, meaning that the company designs, manufactures, and markets their own products. Garmin also makes automotive and aviation navigation electronics as well as fitness, recreation and smart phone applications that bring GPS technologies to as many applications as possible.